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Mediation, Partnering and Project Neutral Services

β€œAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

This maxim sums up why including a third party neutral or dispute review panel provision in a construction contract makes supreme business sense.  Doing so not only acknowledges the potential for disputes, but assures that they will be resolved in the most cost effective and least adversarial way.  CCS Group – either alone or as part of a panel –  can quickly apply its conflict-resolution expertise to not only keep an active project on the path to timely completion but to minimize the potential for costly claims and litigation.

Additionally, as an experienced construction mediator, CCS Group can help resolve conflicts before they evolve into more complex and costly proceedings.  As a mediator, CCS works to facilitate open, honest communication among all parties in a process bound by strict confidentiality.  CCS encourages participants to honestly evaluate the positional strengths and weaknesses of ALL parties.  It also educates them about the comparative cost and risk of pursuing arbitration or litigation.  To CCS, mediation is not about "splitting the difference."  It is about mutual and complete understanding of the issues in play.  It is about assigning value to risk so that all parties can make logical, sensible business decisions.